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Stunning new Jump saddle from Prestige.
The X-Meredith uses the latest X-tree technology from Prestige.
Superb comfort for the rider and the horse.

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The X-Meredith New Lux is built on the new X-Tree from Prestige with considerable input from Meredith Michaels Beerbaum.
The saddle guarantees a higher degree of “close contact” for both horse and rider, as well as improved comfort on account of its softer seat.
The above results are due to the use of elastic membranes with a special shock absorbing material applied to the tree in the area of the ischium.
The other focus of design attention is the panels. The conventional stuffed panels are replaced by new panels made of the same synthetic material, used as stuffing, and by a new honeycomb material that is highly elastic and takes over from felt and foamed material. The effect obtained is an appreciable reduction in the thickness of the panels. At the same time stability is retained as, too, the comfort felt by the horse along its back. All other technical features remain unchanged

Fitting SizeColourPrice
32 - TB Medium
17" Seat
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