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In this DVD John and his son Robert Whitaker are joined by double Olympian international dressage rider Richard Davison to give fascinating and comprehensive instruction on the flat and over jumps, as Richard´s dressage expertise is blended with the Whitakers´ jumping prowess.

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This DVD includes
The Training Session - Richard Davison - suppleness, response to the leg, half halt, further training (counter canter) and cooling down.
The Young Jumping Horse - John Whitaker & Richard Davison - Assessing and tackling common problems
"Seeing a Stride" - Richard Davison, John & Robert Whitaker - Exercises to arrive correctly at take off, shortening and lengthening on the flat and shortening and lengthening between jumps
Jumping a course - Richard Davison & John Whitaker - Applying the dressage principles between the jumps
The Flying Change - Richard Davison - Basic exercises working up to the flying change and what to do when things go wrong
Against the Clock - Richard Davison & John Whitaker - Improving the turn for the jump off / how not to do it / turning back on yourself
Advanced Exercises - Richard Davison - perfecting the turn, shoulder in and canter pirouettes

A comprehensive reference for jumping and dressage alike, this DVD clearly demonstrates how dressage techniques can aid the show jumper gain that competitive edge and includes a chapter on what can be the bane of many an amateur´s life, that sometimes elusive "Seeing a Stride"

Approx running time 85 mins.

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