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An effective and well-balanced seat is the key to riding success. This programme provides you with exercises which will help you to develop better balance, flexibility and improve the co-ordination and sensitivity of your aids on the flat as well as jumping.

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A well balanced and effective seat is the foundation for successful riding and even the best riders in the world have to consistently check up on their seat throughout their riding career. The exercises in this programme will help you develop better balance and flexibility, and improve the coordination and sensitivity of your aids, both on the flat and for jumping, so your riding becomes a more enjoyable experience.

The programme is broken down into the following chapters:
Working with short stirrups and the two point position
Sitting level
Postion of pelvis and prepartion for sitting trot
Legs away
The elastic contact
Coordinating your hands
Using your body to turn the horse
Where you look is where you go
Tina Sederholm is a widely respected trainer, competitor and author, whose methods are founded on the teachings of her father, the legendary Lars Sederholm.

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