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Cat Litter Scoops

£1.99 £1.00

Cosipet Dri-Bag

£20.00 £8.00

PPI Pet Food Spoon

£2.50 £1.25

PPI Pet Food Tin Covers

£0.80 £0.40

Visiglo Dog Safety Collar

£13.99 £10.49

Brilliant safety collars to make sure that your dog is visible!

Here we have a wide variety of collars to make sure that your pets stay visible to the motorists, vehicles and other road users. These easy to use durable collars are easy to put on and can be left even while exercising or while walking your dog. These reflective and flashing collars are just great for your dog in the dark outdoors.

Apart from these we also have the Danish Design rear Car Seat Cover which is universal fitting with snap fasten, adjustable headrest ties. Available in a variety of colours, this is the ideal product to protect your car seat. Easy to clean with just a swipe with a damp cloth!

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