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Fishbone Cat ID Tag

£5.99 £2.99

Small ID Tags

£6.99 £3.49

Sparkly Bone Tag

£6.99 £3.49

Sparkly Star Tags

£6.99 £3.49

Vet IDTag

£5.99 £2.99

This category of Dragonfly Saddlery includes a wide variety of pet ID tags in a range of shapes, designs and colours. We supply fantastic stock of ID tags for pets which includes fishbone cat id tag, paw id tags, small id tags, sparkly bone tag, sparkly star tags, union jack id dog tag, vet id tag, etc.

We have the Silver nickel identity tag with a fun enamelled black fish design and then there are ID tags with cute paw motifs. These tags are perfect for you to ensure that your doggy doesn’t get lost! Most of the tags can be engraved with your doggies’ details on the back. Go ahead and select from amongst the chunky, quality, traditional collar tags for your pet dog.

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