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Bringing Up Puppy

£4.99 £2.49

Chicken Breeds and Care

£6.99 £3.49

Dog Breed Series

£12.99 £6.49

Keeping Pet Chickens

£6.99 £3.49

Sherley´s Cat Book

£3.99 £2.00

Sherley´s Dog Book

£3.99 £2.00

Are you a first time pet owner who does not have a clue as to how to take care of your pet? Then this is the right section for you. This category of Dragonfly Saddlery features a wide collection of books that will aid you through the joyous yet at times scary task of bringing up your pets. The books will help you with whatever you need to know about how to take care and train your puppy.

There are a number of beginners’ guides that are ideal for the first time cat owners. For those who are experienced and who have had pets before, there are reference books for some extra handy tips. These books cover a number of topics right from choosing your pet cat to breeding, caring for a new kitten, caring for an older cat, parasites as well as first aid for them. These are inexpensive guides with regular updates and come with money off vouchers for Sherley’s products.

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