We are clearing all final remaining stock! Massive savings to be had accross the majority of our stock.

Since moving to Devon we now focuss entirely on saddles, bits and bridle fitting. The shop remains open online only, clearing old stock and then will solely specialise in saddles, bits and bridles and other related accessories.

Saddle Fitting for a healthy back.

Article published in Horse Health Magazine:

The saddle is one of the most important pieces of equipment we can buy for our horse or pony. To do its job correctly, it needs not only to fit the horse, but also fit the rider.

The work of the saddle fitter is made comparatively easy when both horse and rider are a good match physically, both fit for their job and have a reasonable budget.

It's raining discounts here at Dragonfly Saddlery!

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We are not restocking as we will be concentrating on saddles and saddle fitting, so while we are (mostly) keeping up with the stock checking, sometimes we miss something! Huge apologies if we do, but it is only me updating the website, and sometimes I get a bit behind.

Personalise your saddle

We love  the new style cantles on saddles these days. If you're looking for a new saddle, whether for jumping, dressage or everyday use, it's definitely worth considering a design to personalise ypur saddle.

Pamper your pets

Dragonfly Saddlery maintains a good stock of accessories for pets as well apart from all the equestrian stuff. At our store we have an excellent variety of pet beds and pet bedtime accessories. You will find here some very charming options for your cats and dogs. Have a look at our lovely stock of cat beds such as the Cat igloo cushion bed, Kumfy Kat Kradle, Morocco Cat Bed, etc. These are some very innovative, comfortable and colourful options for your pet cats. These make pretty good beds for the smaller dogs too!

Cross country schooling with Francis Whittington

Earlier this month I took Scarlet to Firle for a cross country clinic with Francis Whittington. The course was open for schooling for a few days after the BE event, so it seemed like a great opportunity to school over some BE90 fences. I signed up and asked to be put in the group people doing 80/90, and emphasised that we were green and wanted to build confidence as a partnership after a year and a half out of action.

Calling time on a four year struggle

It’s been a couple of months since I updated my blog, mostly because I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching over young Scarlet. My last post covered the amazing clinic we did at Firle with Francis Whittington in September, where for the first hour she behaved appallingly and it was only due to the fact that I have a life threatening amount of pride that I didn’t just get off and go home.

Last order dates for Christmas

Whether you want bespoke dressage tails, a choice of sparkly finishes for your Ayr8 hat or your very own eventing set, you will need to order by 1st December to ensure your order arrives before Santa does!

Accessories for Pets

Dragonfly Saddlery is not only about horses, horse riding accessories and accessories for the riders. We also have a great stock of accessories for pets such as dogs and cats.

Riding gear for the riders

People from all the age groups engage in horse riding, either as a hobby or professionally. Apart from the horse riding equipment for the horse, the apparel for the riders often plays an equally important role.

These boots were made for riding!

We've been doing the Donatello long boots by Tredstep for a while now, and they are still firm favourites among our customers. Priced at under £200 and with a variety of calf widths, they are very comfortable and smart, and great value for money. Team them with a pair of the Tredstep Pure Ultra Cool silk long socks for a sleek competition finish.

Customized Saddle Fitting

A comfortable well fitting saddle is a necessity, for both horse & rider. Most people will need the help of an experienced independent saddle fitter to advise & offer a wide range of saddles to suit you & your horse. We cover the South East & offer an extensive range of new, seconhand & synthetic saddles & can fit most shapes & sizes.

Fitting the Right Saddle is Essential

Finding the right kind of saddle is of utmost importance for a comfortable riding experience. Once you know the shape of your pony it is easy to find the right kind of saddle. There are different kinds of saddles meant for different shapes of horse and for different riding activities.

About Bridles

The right bridle can make a huge difference to your horses way of going. A good bridle will enhance your riding & training, whereas the wrong one will cause your horse discomfort & make him unsteady in his contact

Cool hats, banish hat hair forever!

More & more riders are changing their headware over to the newer styles such as Uvex. Very popular abroad, they are now selling well in the UK. Incredibly lightweight & well ventilated, we are seeing them on all riders from small children to top Olympic riders. With prices starting from under £60, there is a hat for everyone

Hottest Selling items for the New Year

With every Christmas there is always a welcome rise in the sales, which is definitely a good thing for us! This year has been no different. There were quite a few items that were very much in demand this year. The Cavallo Abbey quilted jacket was the hot favourite amongst the ladies this time. This quilted jacket continues to be a winner in the New Year sales and has been the hottest selling item.

The right saddle for the right occasion

Initially people used to ride horses bareback without the saddles. But when it comes to comfort, competitions or hunting going bareback is out of question. Obviously for these purposes saddles are absolutely necessary. Choosing the right saddle for the right occasion is of utmost importance...

Saddle Fitting Service at Our Saddlery

Based in Hassocks, Sussex, our close proximity to the major road networks including the M25 means that we can offer a saddle fitting service throughout the South East of England.

Waterproof Riding Jackets

Regular exercise is a must for horses no matter what is happening and how bad the weather is. It is not good to go without some or the other form of exercise for your horse. Even during wet weather, hot summers or the cold winters there is always the need to exercise your horse. In the wet weather riding can be uncomfortable as it is difficult when you are soaking wet. But sometimes you just have to go in the wet and there is no way round it!

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