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Horse riding can be a stylish affair. People from all the age groups engage in horse riding, either as a hobby or professionally.
Apart from the horse riding equipment for the horse, the apparel for the riders often plays an equally important role.
For those keen to look good on a horse or pony the horse rider’s clothing and equipment should be both stylish and absolutely comfortable in order to ensure the optimum riding experience. Often the look influences the way riders carries themselves which in turn affects the riding experience. What the rider is wearing should fit well and also look good which will in turn have a good effect on the performance.
At Dragonfly Saddlery there is a wide variety of apparel and accessories for the riders. Breeches and jodhpurs are the most preferred trouser clothing for the purpose of riding since these fit very snugly and are extremely comfortable. We hold a a great range of jodhpurs and breeches in different sizes for men, women and children. In addition we stock an extensive range of competition breeches that are available in stylish denims as well as gorgeous checks. To match with these there are technical and riding shirts available and to give that finishing touch to the attire there is a wide range of other accessories such as belts, gloves, riding boots and socks etc.
Dragonfly Saddlery is your one stop solution for all these apparel and accessory options for the riders along with other riding gear. Style, comfort and quality go hand in hand when it comes to riding gear and you will find all of these only at Dragonfly Saddlery.
There is also a great range of gift options to choose from.

Riding gear for the riders