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Finding the right kind of saddle is of utmost importance for a comfortable riding experience. Once you know the shape of your pony it is easy to find the right kind of saddle. There are different kinds of saddles meant for different shapes of horse and for different riding activities.
Shapes vary from horse to horse. Some are big and broad breeds while some are slender, some are adults and some are children. Ponies used for pony club activities have saddles designed specifically to suit those needs whilst general purpose horse riders  use saddles that are fitted differently, as do dressage riders and saddles used for horse jumping etc.

Fitting the Right Saddle is Essential


Saddle fitting usually roughly depends on the shape of the horse back. While most of the manufacturers give detailed description of the suitability of the saddles for the different horses there are a few pointers that you might want to consider in order to make sure that you find the right saddle for your horse.

The three finger rule is well known and common which considers the clearance necessary under the front of the saddle above the horse's wither, ensuring the minimum required distance between the horses back and the saddle. The centre of the seat needs to be horizontal with the back of the saddle a little higher than the front. The saddle shouldn’t dig in as this will compromise the fluidity of movement of the horse. The girth straps should be at least an inch wide and the panel underneath shouldn’t look lumpy or uneven and there should be enough clearance between each side of the panel so that it does not pinch the spine of the horse. The saddle should be fitted properly with each and every part in its right place in order to make sure that the weight of the rider gets distributed evenly.

Fitting the Right Saddle is Essential


Because there are different kinds of saddles available for different riders, we recommend you consult a qualified saddle shop to help you choose a saddle that is comfy and fit for purpose. Visit our website to check out the wide variety of saddles and their details so that you find the right saddle for you and your horse.

Fitting the Right Saddle is Essential