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For you & your horse to be comfortable & for him to be able to carry out his job, which is to carry you around, your saddle must fit both of you & be appropriate for what you would like to do with your horse. The majority of riders want a comfortable saddle which won't break the bank & makes them feel secure. They would like to hack out, go cross country, do some dressage, have lessons, do some sponsored rides & have lessons. The General, or All Purpose saddles usually fit the bill for this horse & rider & will happily take them through all riding club activities. 

Customized Saddle Fitting


A badly fitted saddle can cause a lot of problems. Firstly, it can hamper the movement of the horse and in some cases may also cause damage to the muscles causing tension & muscle spasms. If it is not positioned properly it can cause back problems for the horse and also the rider. A correctly placed saddle ensures that the weight of the rider is evenly distributed so that it is comfortable for the horse and helps him move freely. 


Customized Saddle Fitting