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Our wide stock of accessories for pets includes items such as collars and leads, ID tags harnesses, bedding and grooming kits, feeding bowls etc. In addition to the usual items we also stock a lot of interesting items but with a fancy twist.
When there are so many extras and quirky items available why stick to only the basics? Our collars and leads include some fancy cat and dog collars and flexi leads. These are mostly diamante studded collars that will look very cool on your pets. The shiny kitty collar options come in different colour options such as pink, snow white and black.

Accessories for Pets
Fancy cat and dog collars

To make sure your pets do not get lost we have a wide variety of ID tags in different shapes such as fishbone, paws, sparkly bone and star tags. Union jack and vet ID tags are also available and all these have some space to engrave all your doggies’ details at the back.

Accessories for Pets
Pet ID tags

There are also waterproof cat and dog beds, blankets etc in different shapes and extremely comfortable for your pets.
These are just a few of the incredible accessories available for your pets.
Browse our website to see the available accessories for your pets.

Accessories for Pets