After a great deal of thought I have decided to retire from saddle fitting. I qualified as a City & Guilds saddler in 1981 and have been working in the trade ever since. I will not be disappearing from the equestrian scene completely as I will be continuing with my work as a LANTRA qualified bit and bridle consultant for the South West.

I qualified in 2017 with Horse Bit Fit Academy - www.horsebitfitacademy.com. I am also a member of EAPER - Equine Accredited Professionals Ethos Register, and am proud to be involved with training new consultants for HBFA.

I am also the accredited bit and bridle supplier for the consultants, both in the UK and worldwide. My bridles are made by E. Jeffries of Walsall, the bits I use come from a variety of suppliers such as Eldonian, Dever, Sprenger and Neue Schule. All of these are available through my website.