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Well-being -Therapeutic Equipment

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When your horse needs a helping hand to perform to his best, or you need him back on top of his game, our selection of theraputic rugs, pads, boots & leg wraps will help.
We carry lines from Equilibrium, NEW & Back on Track

This section of Dragonfly Saddlery features a wide variety of therapeutic equipment that are necessary for the overall wellbeing of the horses. There is a good variety of rugs to assist with the prevention or recovery of injuries from back on track. These are lightweight sheets for warmer temperatures and can be layered under blankets for year round use.
Then there are therapeutic blankets made with beautiful fleece material infused with state-of-the-art fine ceramic powder. These are designed to reflect the horse's own body-warmth which creates a soothing thermal heat. This heat helps alleviate pain associated with inflamed muscles and joints. These can be used for injury prevention as well as injury recovery.
The back pads help you keep your horse supple and working to their full capacity. There are also soft, pliable massage pad covers with adjustable straps to fit a wide range of horses. Check out this entire range of therapeutic equipments online at Dragonfly Saddlery.