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Kent & Masters Cob GP saddle.
Please note, these are not available to sell online. Please call 07496378721 to discuss your requirements with the saddler

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- The low profile saddle is designed to fit the low withered, broad backed Cob types.
- Tree shape, slim-line panels and girth strap arrangement maximise saddle stability.
- Bulk between horse and rider has been minimised for improved rider control and closer contact.
- Luxurious hide knee pads and seat ensure maximum rider support and comfort.
- Changeable gullet to get the correct width for your horse.
- Suitable for many styles of riding, including flatwork, jumping and hacking.

Colour: Black or Brown
General purpose cob saddle
Seat Size: 17”, 17½”
Changeable Gullet: S-Bar

17 in seat
17.5 in seat
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