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This saddle is designed to offer a fitting solution for riders of cob-type horses with a low-withered, flat-backed conformation, but who want to enjoy a little more jumping or even hunting. It is also suitable for horses with a little more wither and an average barrel, such as Dutch Warmbloods.

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The K&M Flat back GP has all the features available in all models, including changeable gullets, flock panels and adjustable girthing options, plus these:

Low-headed and flatter tree shape to follow the low-withered flat-backed profile.
Standard-depth panels.
Slightly more forward-cut flaps than the Cob GP, making this saddle a better option for jumping.
Velcro knee and calf blocks under the flap which can be positioned to suit your leg length and position - particularly useful when shortening your stirrups to jumping length.

Fitting SizeColourPrice
Red - Wide
Orange - W/XWide
White - XWide
Yellow - XW/XXwide
Silver - XXWide
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