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Stunning, top of the range GP saddle. All of these saddles are made to order due to the huge range of colour trims, crystal decor and panels/flap options.
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From our knowledge and experience our saddles are designed to fit horses and riders of totally differing and irregular profiles effectively. By using a combination of the English cut panel with gussets and an extensive range of traditional wooden spring saddle trees our designs will optimise the perfect fit for each horse. Each panel is flocked by hand using only 100% pure new wool for ease of adjustment whenever necessary. We offer custom adjustments to meet your own individual requirements and leg placement. Hip to knee measurements are considered more so for the length of the flap but it is your hip and knee angle and stirrup length that ultimately affects the flap forwardness required and positioning of the blocks to provide the most appropriate support. We have a range of different size and height blocks to compliment this.

Heritage leather – for a more traditional and classic finish
This leather is traditionally tanned in pits to ensure that the grain of the leather is as smooth as possible. The leather is drum dyed to facilitate the colour of the flesh and grain which results in a deeper colour and therefore better finish to the leather. All Heritage leather is hand stained as close to the finished colour. Hand staining helps the penetration of the dyes into the grain, thus improving the colour and feel to the leather. The leather is processed further by applications of specially formulated mineral oils that are impregnated into the fibres of the grain. The leather is subjected to many coats of this oil to ensure a rich affect and change to the base colour. The final process is the application of a blend of oils and fats. This dubbin is an important part of the saddle leather production. The grease allows the oils to lubricate the fibres whilst the fat on the surface aids water resistance. The beauty of the grease application is that it reacts with the oil within the fibres to ensure that the grain and flesh stay well lubricated.

A leather that will readily take conditioning is favoured for the American market and the Heritage range has that benefit. The end finish results in a leather that is fully Aniline, aesthetically pleasing and has a wonderful natural look.

French calf – which is renowned for its luxurious softness and suppleness French calf leathers have the natural marks of showing the authentic features of this living material that grow in beauty each day. The hides are mineral tanned, vegetable re-tanned and drum-dyed to specification. The colours are transparent and deep, making use of the dyes selected for their richness and colour fastness. Dipped in animal and vegetable fat-liquors, our leathers become soft and smooth to give a natural aniline full grain finish.

Nubuck hide - with its fine velvety nap surface and incredible tactile properties. Nubuck hide is a leather whose grain is lightly buffed to give an unsurpassable grip for equestrian needs. The hides are mineral tanned, vegetable re-tanned and drum-dyed to specification. The colours are transparent and deep, making use of the dyes selected for their richness and colour fastness. Nubuck hides are ‘Scotchguard’ treated in the drum providing a stain resistant protection. It is very soft and silky with an incomparable touch.

Deer skin – which is unsurpassable in softness and attractive grain used in seat and pad coverings Deer skin nappa is a product like no other with a durable fibre structure giving it exceptional strength and yet an exquisite soft handle. Every skin is unique and the texture complements its natural beauty.

Every saddle is then complimented with the best Italian lining leather recognised by its distinctive smell of quality, top grade panel hides and chrome straps/billets renowned for strength and durability.

Each model is available in a palate of 4 colours: Black, Cocoa, Claret and Cognac

Black – an equestrian classic
Cocoa – certainly a palate for the taste buds
Claret – exciting array of vintages
Cognac – the choice of true connoisseurs

Ultimately, your individual requirements may lead you to something even more rare or exclusive from our range of exotic and patterned prints in a multitude of colours. Authentic exotic leathers now feature strongly in luxury leather goods and we welcome commissions for pieces including Galuchat (Stingray), Crocodile, Ostrich and many more. All of our leathers are sourced from reputable suppliers, our clients can be confident that they meet stringent rules under the CITES agreement.

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