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Prestige have updated their very popular dressage saddle, the Optimax, and redesigned it with the X-technology

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The Prestige X-Optimax is on the new X-tree, which features three elastic membranes purely for the riders comfort. Two are towards the rear of the saddle for the riders ischia, or seat bones. The third one is towards the front of the tree to cushion the riders pubic bone.
The deep seat aids the riders stability, the elastic membranes allow the rider to relax more in the saddle.
The comfort for the horse has not been forgotten! The independent panels are free to adapt to your horses conformation and enable him (or her!) to move freely and without restriction, in the shoulder area.
The flatter panel also gives greater support along the length of the riders seat, helping both horse and rider to move in greater harmony.

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32 - M/N
33 - Med
34 - M/W
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16 in (Special order)
17 in
18 in (special order)
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