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The Polypad Classic Long Saddlepad is a pad that sits comfortably under your horse’s saddle. It is made with a durable and easy care polycotton material that features a fibre core. The Polypad will mould with ease to your horses shape and to the fit of your saddle.

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The Classic Long is the same width as the Classic but approximately 13cm longer to accommodate the deepest of saddle flaps and dressage saddles.

As it is made with such a durable material it will easily adapt the changing shape/fitness of your horse throughout the year.

The polypads can be used any way around. They are reversible, and you can use them back to front as there are no straps or loops to restrict you. This will ensure you receive maximum wear and added value.

Polypad Classic Long
Size Full
Length (along the spine) 66cm
Width (side to side) 107cm

Full size
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