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Turnout boot to help protect mud fever & help protect against injuries in the field.
Sportabac are no longer making these socks, but we have been lucky enough to find someone who can make them under another name. Same great boot, different name.
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Designed as turnout boot to prevent mud fever, to avoid dirty legs and to protect against injuries out in the field. Protect from the coronary band up to just below the knee. An easy and safe alternative to bandaging without pressure points. Provides warmth for arthritic or stiff joints, stops legs swelling when stabled, secures dressing in place on the lower leg and can help to keep poultices hot. Manufactured in black 5mm Neoprene with simple hook and loop fastening. Additional Neoprene patch between heel and fetlock for additional protection against skid and strike injuries. Tailored shape prevents slipping. Machine washable.

NOTE: We advise that if mud fever is already present, allow this to heal before turning out in the socks.

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Size 2 - Pony Hind
Size 3 - Cob Front
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