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Tri-Zone® Allsport Boot
The ideal ´Allrounder´ sports boot
Very light and breathable but robust

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The ideal ´Allrounder´
Very light and breathable but robust
Minimising weight on the leg will reduce injuries caused by tiredness
One of the most versatile boots on the market
Ideal for schooling, endurance, racing, cross-country, hacking
Designed to be used on front or hind legs
Innovative Airlite triple layer system
The outer layer is made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), formed into a mesh for lightness.
A different form of EVA is used for the inner layer. Several cycles of development has resulted in the distinctive design, of oval holes and shaped raised areas.
This shaping minimises weight, while generating channelling for air, to keep the leg cool and dry, and helping to disperse shockwaves.
These two layers of EVA provide effective protection against both concussion and penetration injuries.
This protection is further enhanced by a strip of polycarbonate inserted down the back of the boot, inside the mesh, to protect vulnerable tendons.
Between the two EVA layers is a fine mesh, to prevent dirt getting inside the boot.

Small - Brown
X Large - Brown
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