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With 70% UV protection, these fly masks are ideal for sensitive horses, or those with lots of white/pink skin. 25% off while stocks last.
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Screens out 70% of harmful UV rays. Provides excellent clearance for eyes and eyelashes. Soft padding at the brow and noseband prevents rubbing. Provides excellent protection from flies and biting insects.

Soft padding at the brow and noseband ensures that the mask sits well clear of the horse’s face, and helps prevent rubbing or chaffing.

Adjustable fastenings under the cheek and behind the ears, enables the MIDI Mask to be tailored to fit each horse perfectly.

The mesh used in the new MIDI MASK allows the horse to see perfectly clearly, making it highly suitable for Veterans (whose vision is beginning to deteriorate) and ‘spooky’ horses.

Airy, lightweight and highly comfortable, the new MIDI is the ‘must have’ Fly Mask for this Spring and Summer.

XLarge/Large Horse
Black Mesh with Blue Trim
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