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Jeffries High Ring/Mexican Noseband.
Very popular noseband for big strong pulling horses

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The straps run about halfway between the eye and the bottom of the cheekbone, running under the bit and around the jaw in the usual fashion, but crossing high above the nose.
This is much more comfortable and less inhibiting for the horse, as a normal Grakle usually has to be very tight to prevent him crossing his jaw and many horses resent the restriction. This can lead to encouraging some horses to lean on the traditional Grakle, making it work against you.
The high-ring Grakle is a well-balanced noseband which doesn´t impede the airways, leaving the second nostril clear, and doesn´t interfere with the bit even though it closes the mouth. It´s a versatile piece of equipment, which makes it fit well. Because it looks so tidy, it can be used for the dressage phase of a one or three day event, as horses find it so acceptable and are really soft in the hand.
It is not permitted to use it in a pure dressage competition

Cob - Black
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