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Sprenger Turnado Loose Ring Snaffle

The Turnado bits presents a new generation of loose ring snaffles by having the mouthpiece turned forward by 45 degrees.

This bit in Sensogan may be hired for a total of 30 days.
This begins when you receive your bit and ends when the bit arrives back with us.
The cost is £10.
How it works: You buy the bit in the usual way and we will refund on return less the hire charge.
You are responsible for the bit while it is with you, until it arrives at our office.
You agree to take care of it and protect against both theft, damage and loss.
We recommend you use a recorded delivery service as the bit is your responsibility until received back by us

Bit Hire NOT available for stainless Steel

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Metal TypeSizeColourPriceQty
Stainless Steel - 40587 5 £36.50
Sensogan - 40587 78 £100.50

The Turnado loose ring snaffle is subtly different from traditional loose ring snaffles, yet the results it produces can be dramatic.

The turnado lies perfectly in the horse's mouth because the joint is twisted to an angle of 45 degrees. The aids from the rider reach the horse's mouth more precisely when using the Sprenger turnado, but still in a subtle manner.

Often a very successful bit for horses prone to putting their tongue over the bit, the joint does not put pressure on the tongue or palate in the same manner as a traditional jointed snaffle.

Sensogan is a new material from Sprenger, and is the result of 2 years research and development to improve the already sucessful golden coloured Aurigan material that they are known for. Sensogan has a white/gold appearence and does not tarnish easily, but can be easily polished back to a high shine at any time if needed.

It is the distinctive composition of Copper, Manganese and Zinc that makes SENSOGAN® so special. The reduced copper content combined with the manganese results in a more regulated process of oxidation. Tests with the veterinary college of Hanover and the German Riding School in Warendorf showed without doubt this combination of metals has a positive influence on the horse’s satisfaction, motivation and willingness to perform.
Newly developed Sensogan metal mouthpiece offers the best experience for you and your horse
Expertly made in Germany, finished to the highest possible standard for comfort and safety
Angled joint sits more comfortably in the horses mouth
Dressage legal

Metal Type SizeColourPrice
Stainless Steel - 40587 5 115 mm
125 mm
135 mm
145 mm
155 mm
Sensogan - 40587 78 115 mm
125 mm
135 mm
145 mm
155 mm
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