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The Sprenger NovoContact single jointed eggbutt snaffle is a lovely bit for the sensitive type of horse who is reluctant to take a contact. The eggbutt side stabilizes the bit which helps the less confident horse take a contact. Slimmer mouth 14mm

This bit may be hired for a total of 30 days.
This begins when you receive your bit and ends when the bit arrives back with us.
The cost is £16.00.
How it works: You buy the bit in the usual way and we will refund on return less the hire charge.
You are responsible for the bit while it is with you, until it arrives at our office.
You agree to take care of it and protect against both theft, damage and loss.
We recommend you use a recorded delivery service as the bit is your responsibility until received back by us.

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The oval shape of the Novocontact mouthpiece enlarges the contact surface on the tongue for a soft influence.
Designed for horses that occasionally pull against the hand but are too sensitive for stronger bits
optimal utilisation of the limited space in the horse’s mouth

115 mm/ 4.5"
125 mm/5"
135 mm/5.25"
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