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The Sprenger Duo D-Ring Bit is kind on the tongue and mouth and has a straight edged flexible bar mouthpiece which leaves room for the tongue.

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The Sprenger Duo D-Ring Bit is extremely gentle on the horse's tongue and mouth and is often used for sensitive horses when show jumping or in fast work.

The innovative mouthpiece is made of a soft, flexible plastic which adapts to the horse's mouth. The material is food-safe, solvent-free and does not contain any plasticisers and is reinforced with a steel cable to make it durable and stable.

It is shaped to allow room for the tongue in the centre of the horse's mouth.

D-Rings help to prevent the bit from being pulled though the horse's mouth so it lies more steadily on the tongue giving a more comfortable feeling. These fixed rings enable the rider to have a good contact with the bit, while the additional contact surface from the cheeks on the mouth corners support the turning aids.

120 mm
130 mm
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