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Unlike any other make of bit, the central lozenge is angled at 45 degrees so that when a contact is taken up on the reins, the lozenge lays flat against the tongue.
The angle of the lozenge enables a true and consistent, smooth contact across the tongue

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Dragonfly Rowan Anatomical Bridle
Dragonfly Rowan Anatomical Bridle

The Sprenger KK ultra snaffle has been designed after extensive research to provide the optimum shape horse bits to fit the anatomy of the horses mouth. The ergonomically designed mouthpiece of the Sprenger KK ultra snaffle bit is shaped to lie unobtrusively in the horses mouth resulting in a soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area, encouraging the horse to accept the contact willingly and in a relaxed manor. The angled lozenge in the centre of this Sprenger bit is tilted forward by 45 degrees for comfort, and utilises the exceptional sensitivity of the tongue. The 16mm mouthpiece is ideal for most horses and the most popular size. Sprenger have developed a bit that provides the rider with a kind, effective and consistent communication chanel with their horse.

125 mm
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