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Sprenger KK Ultra Hanging Cheek (Baucher) double-jointed snaffle with warm Sensogan mouthpiece for greater comfort. The baucher bit helps to create stillness in the mouth, helping with steering and clarity of aids.

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Unlike any other make of bit, the central lozenge is angled at 45 degrees so that when a contact is taken up on the reins, the lozenge lays flat against the tongue.
The angle of the lozenge enables a true and consistent, smooth contact across the tongue
Its ergonomic design ensures there is no interference with the palate.
Sprenger's Sensogan mouthpiece material creates a pleasant taste, encouraging salivation and therefore a smoother, more comfortable contact
Sensogan is made from a combination of copper, zinc and manganese and is toxicologically tested
Sensogan mouthpiece is a white-gold colour that is easy to maintain and retains its elegance over time
Stainless Steel 45mm bit rings

125 mm
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