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The Neue Schule Transform Weymouth is designed for the horse who is overactive or lacks concentration.

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Neue Schule Transform Weymouth

Is your horse overactive in the mouth? Is he inwardly fixated on the presence of the doubles and not focussing fully on the rein aids? This design is often beneficial for the "short smile (small distance from the corner of the lip to the muzzle), the busy mouth, tongue evasions or horses that experience difficulty in breathing and swallowing when in an advanced outline.

The NS Transform depresses the whole of the tongue, much further back, creating larger airway enhancing the horses ability to breathe and swallow. An indication of a restricted airway may be a tense horse that is over salivating or even making a gurgling sound.
Also beneficial if tongue evasions are habitual as there is a lot less room for the horse to successfully draw the tongue back, push down on the mouthpiece or get it over the top.

This bit may be hired for a total of 30 days.
This begins when you receive your bit and ends when the bit arrives back with us.
The cost is £15.
How it works: You buy the bit in the usual way and we will refund on return less the hire charge.
You are responsible for the bit while it is with you, until it arrives at our office.
You agree to take care of it and protect against both theft, damage and loss.
We recommend you use a recorded delivery service as the bit is your responsibility until received back by us.

4.75" - 5cm shank
4.75" - 7cm shank
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5" - 7cm shank
5.25" - 5cm shank
5.25" - 7cm shank
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5.75" 7cm shank
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