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Neue Schule Tranz Angle Jumper 8023NS

Neue Schule Elevator Jumping Bit: Precision control for jumping, hunting or other exciting work without resorting to a severe mouthpiece. Very beneficial for horses that are strong, snatch or lean down.

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Leather Curb Strap
Leather Curb Strap

The action of this bit lies mainly in the cheeks. This is a cross between the American Gag & the Elevator. It is a popular show jumping & cross country bit as it offers more control & precision. It has a lifting effect in front & is especially good for showjumping as you can sit the horse more on his hocks & turn tighter.
There is a combined total of 5 different rein positions, making this a truly versatile bit & a useful one to have in any yard.
The Neue Schule Jumper Cheeks are allowed for Pony Club, Show Jumping & Eventing.
This bit should always be used with a leather curb strap to prevent over rotation and improve comfort for the horse.

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