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About Bridles

Bridles form one of the most important parts of the horse accessories as bridles are an important tool for communication with the horse. Bridles are used to direct the horse when it comes to speed and direction.

Customized Saddle Fitting

For a good and comfortable horse riding experience, a great saddle is a prerequisite. But just getting the right saddle is not the end of it since a particular saddle size is not necessarily suitable for all the riders and all saddles do not necessarily fit snugly on all the horses. After the right saddle is chosen, the saddle fitting part is the next important thing. Apart from the riders comfort, a good saddle fitting is necessary for the health and safety of the horse as well....

The right saddle for the right occasion

Initially people used to ride horses bareback without the saddles. But when it comes to comfort, competitions or hunting going bareback is out of question. Obviously for these purposes saddles are absolutely necessary. Choosing the right saddle for the right occasion is of utmost importance...

Hottest Selling items for the New Year

With every Christmas there is always a welcome rise in the sales, which is definitely a good thing for us! This year has been no different. There were quite a few items that were very much in demand this year. The Cavallo Abbey quilted jacket was the hot favourite amongst the ladies this time. This quilted jacket continues to be a winner in the New Year sales and has been the hottest selling item.

Cool hats, banish hat hair forever!

More & more riders are changing their headware over to the newer styles such as Uvex. Very popular abroad, they are now selling well in the UK. Incredibly lightweight & well ventilated, we are seeing them on all riders from small children to top Olympic riders. With prices starting from under £60, there is a hat for everyone

Saddle Fitting Service at Our Saddlery

Based in Hassocks, Sussex, our close proximity to the major road networks including the M25 means that we can offer a saddle fitting service throughout the South East of England.

Waterproof Riding Jackets

Regular exercise is a must for horses no matter what is happening and how bad the weather is. It is not good to go without some or the other form of exercise for your horse. Even during wet weather, hot summers or the cold winters there is always the need to exercise your horse. In the wet weather riding can be uncomfortable as it is difficult when you are soaking wet. But sometimes you just have to go in the wet and there is no way round it!

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