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The new Fairfax jumping saddle.
Unique Split Panel design, giving the horses more movement in the shoulder.
A revolution in saddle design. Adjustable gullet.

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Fairfax Performance Girth - Long
Fairfax Performance Girth - Long

Following on from the success of the Fairfax Performance girth (which was kept secret to give a competitive advantage to Team GBR), the designers at Fairfax Saddles have been focusing on creating a showjumping saddle which improves the horse’s performance.
The new Fairfax Jump saddle was developed and tested using the same pressure mapping and gait analysis technology. It incorporates a patented new panel design, which allows the horse’s shoulder greater freedom of movement and so enables greater knee flexion. A trial involving eight international riders and a gait analysis high-speed camera proved that this saddle enables the horse to be neater in front.
Extensive testing with both Pliance & Centaur Biomechanics has shown that horses gain an advantage by being able to use themselves in front more freely.

Peter Charles - Gold medallist at London 2012 - is now competing in a Fairfax saddle

Fitting SizeColourPrice
N/Med - Green gullet
Medium - Black gullet
Med/Wide - Blue gullet
Wide - Red gullet
W/XWide - Orange gullet
17 in seat
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